Vox: Don’t help women who choose not to have an abortion

June 28, 2022

By Tim Worstall

According to Vox aiding people who choose not to have an abortion is a bad thing.

This is taking the argument too far.

Vox wants readers to believe that “crisis pregnancy centers” are a bad idea in and of themselves. Supporting women having a child seems unobjectionable to us, possibly even righteous and praiseworthy. But apparently not.

“However, researchers and reproductive rights advocates have deep concerns about the idea that pregnancy resource centers could step in to become a substitute for the right to an abortion,” the piece says.

 The objection seems to be that if people ameliorate the problems of having a child when unprepared, then more people will have children instead of having an abortion. Something which seems to be the point of the people running the resource centers.

It just strikes us as a very odd, even strange, objection. Pregnant women gain help while they’re pregnant and immediately after – this is bad because it might reduce the pressure to make abortion more widely available?

Vox markets itself as “explaining the news” and we admire the aim. Vox is listed just inside the top 100 news media outlets as it does so and gains some  20 million visits a month. There’s also a substantial podcasts effort. We just think that explaining the news requires a little more explanation.

Pregnancy crisis centers may solve certain problems, may be just that mythical sticking a Band-Aid on a wound. But opposing them because they make abortion less likely is perverse.


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