Vice ignores dozens of pregnancy centers firebombed since SCOTUS leak in piece mourning abortion clinic

June 29, 2022

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Vice was quick to report on an arson attack at a Wyoming abortion clinic, detailing fears of what might happen next in a piece headlined, “‘I Have No Pity’: An Arson Attack at an Abortion Clinic Predicts Our Future.”

They did not have the same energy after any of the dozens of crisis pregnancy centers that have been firebombed and vandalized across the country.

Instead, the outlet published a lengthy article on the woes of being a surgical abortion provider in rural Casper, Wyoming, insisting that the coming years may “even be violent.”

“Millions of people — disproportionately women, poor people, people of color — will now be unable to end pregnancies in their home state and likely be forced into birthing and raising children,” Vice said of the Supreme Court decision. 

Vice has long held Left-leaning views, but through all its concern for pregnant women, did not address that the people who utilize services of crisis pregnancy centers will not receive those services.

The owner of the now-unsalvageable clinic expressed her fears –– ones that have largely gone unreported by most since the SCOTUS leak, “After the fire, [owner Julie] Burkhart waited across the street from the clinic, watching law enforcement sort through its remains. She couldn’t stop wondering about every person who passed by, who asked questions. What did they want? Were they responsible in some way? ‘You start to wonder, who is out there that you can trust? Are they going to do more harm? I don’t think it’s right that anybody live that way,’ Burkhart said. ‘I think all of us feel terrorized.’”

One Casper resident called the city’s predominantly shifting right-wing beliefs  “a real change to anti-intellectualism, and I feel there’s more anger and hostility here than I’ve ever seen.” 

However, in the past few months, targeted violence has escalated drastically from pro-abortion groups such as Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us firebombing pro-life affiliated buildings, churches, and medical centers. How convenient it is for Vice’s millions of readers to only detail women being marginalized when it is happening to people with whom they agree.


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