Can woke Hollywood survive Biden’s recession?

August 8, 2022

By Christian Toto

Get woke, go broke they said, but Hollywood didn’t listen.

Progressive project after progressive project fizzled, but studio bean counters kept their cool.

Suddenly, woke Hollywood is concerned about its bottom line, and progressive messaging is getting in the way.

The irony of all ironies? The same industry that promoted Joe Biden’s candidacy is feeling the sting of his recession. And it spells trouble for the industry’s woke revolution.

Major players are tightening their belts, canceling shows that might otherwise get longer leashes on life and erasing projects brimming with woke flourishes.

Show business is back, baby.

The first sign of trouble came from Netflix, the undisputed streaming king. Earlier this year, the platform experienced its first subscriber downgrade following a flurry of woke projects.

  • “Moxie”
  • “He’s Expecting”
  • “Dear White People”
  • “The Break with Michelle Wolf”
  • “Knock Down the House”
  • “Cuties”
  • Hannah Gadsby specials
  • Chelsea Handler specials

The ramifications of Netflix’s bad news kicked in immediately.



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