Forbes lets Democratic Party activist sell Inflation Act as ‘analysis’

August 24, 2022

By Tim Worstall

The self-proclaimed “capitalist tool” that is Forbes should provide those analytical tools which make capitalism possible. You know, “this is happening, it means that,” rather than biased paeans of praise for the most recent law that has been passed. That’s a thought or hope that this piece fails.

The problem in their article headlined, “Inflation Reduction Act Benefits: Billions In Just Transition Funding For Coal Communities” is that the analysis is not analysis.

Well, OK, yes, we can see a Democratic Party activist trying to sell the Inflation Act in that manner. While we also note how as soon as the Act is passed it all becomes about not the inflation in the title but back to all that Build Back Better that couldn’t get passed for a couple of years. Even, all those things the Democratic Party couldn’t in fact pass until they were renamed under the worry of the day.

This is not an analysis of how the act is going to work. It’s an analysis of how it is said it will work. We can get that from those who voted for it – what we’d like from media analysis is exactly that analysis, the discussion of where it will work, where it won’t. Of course it’s possible to have different ideas about the balance between those two but then that’s why independent analysis is so important.

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Come along now, Forbes. The people who argued for what should be in the act telling us how lovely the act is just isn’t analysis, it’s propaganda.

Forbes ranks at number 19 for news and media outlets in the U.S. It gains near 100 million visits a month from that position. In recent years it has brought more of its production in house, under greater editorial control. That does mean greater responsibility for what is published.

People who argued for the sort of policies to be included in the Inflation Reduction Act like the policies in the Inflation Reduction Act?

Really? Is journalism – critical, speaking truth to power – something of the past now?


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