Mashable uses female empowerment piece to push own agenda

August 30, 2022

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a seemingly benign article titled “8 organizations working to solve the gender gap in education — and how to help them,” digital media outlet Mashable hides a progressive political agenda behind its crusade to end the “education gender gap.”

Mashable highlights several organizations in education, including Girls Inc., The National Center for Women & Information Technology, and the Student Leadership Network. They encourage readers to “Pick one, or several, and donate if you have a few spare bucks — or simply raise awareness of their work on social media. It all helps.” 

The author describes each organization as an overall good and charitable endeavor to promote educational equality, though fails to mention a startlingly political agenda that is being fed to women through these programs.

As mentioned, number two on their list, Girls Inc. claims its mission is to “focus on the development of the whole girl, supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl environment.” This organization boasts sponsorships from Disney Plus, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte and multiple makeup giants.

The initiative is directed at girls ages 5 to 18, and has taken a strong stance on abortion laws releasing a statement that the organization supports abortion access and “reproductive freedom,” the website includes a link to advocacy ideas for “inclusive sex education.”

Mashable only provides a brief introduction to the nonprofit it wants its audience to donate to, writing that Girls Inc. is “ a nonprofit organization that works in 350 cities across the U.S. and Canada and serves girls ages six through 18. It offers year-round programming, including after-school and weekend activities to engage girls in STEM.” This fails to mention that the money donated would not only be going to a group that consistently supports left-wing policies, but also helps young girls learn to be advocates for those policies. 

Next, at No. 6, the publication praises the National Center for Women & Information Technology, most notably in its description is the inclusion of programs for “gender non-conforming youth.” The organization itself, partnered with massive companies such as Apple, AT&T, Amazon, Pfizer, Google, and Microsoft has promoted “gender and sexual diversity” in K-12 classrooms during a recent summit, and consistently markets initiatives aimed at “equity” and “inclusivity” while allowing for boys who identify as girls to take a space from biological females who want to enter the program. Mashable once again place a link to donate, while glossing over the inherently political nature of the organization.

In the end, the author seems to not in fact wish to bolster women in education, but rather advance organizations rooted deep in left-wing ideology. 


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