Media pushes lie about election

October 27, 2022

By Tim Worstall

NowThis News treats us to another of its misleading election videos. It doesn’t mention any one political party, so it sidesteps the laws about who may do what – and who may pay for what – in an election season.  Stating, however,  how important it is to vote, the praise and push for the child tax credit, universal child care, for Build Back Better, it’s not difficult to see which way that vote is being pushed. That’s just plain old bias.

It gets worse though. They’re not really telling us the whole truth about the man featured in the video. Michael Isreal Mosley was a candidate for Maine’s House District 65 earlier this year. So, it isn’t the average person telling us how it is – it is a political activist. As his LinkedIn indicates, he has spent substantial time with the Maine Children’s Alliance, for example.

And worse again. The video explains that Michael’s income is only $1,900 a month, which is why it is so hard for him to raise his children and to work out of this poverty. That income is about Maine’s minimum wage. But on Linked In we see that his working background is in IT, and he has some 8 years in that field.  That’s not a $ 12-an-hour job. Michael has deliberately moved to part-time work for family care reasons.

Well, OK, but no, it’s not OK, in fact. Intentionally lowering your income, then complaining about how little taxpayer help you get? That’s not quite right now, is it?

NowThis News ranks well past 2,000 in the usual listings of news and media outlets in the United States, but that’s not the important part of the operation. The YouTube channel has 2.16 million subscribers,. and that’s where this piece appears. The YouTube numbers also don’t appear in those rankings.

The impression they want us to have is of someone trying, but being beaten down by the system. When what we’ve got is someone deliberately working part-time, filling in the gaps with political activism, and then complaining that taxpayers won’t pay his bills.  Also, there is a deliberate bias in favor of a certain vote in the coming elections, which carefully steps around the electoral period restrictions.


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