JD Vance gets raw deal from multiple liberal outlets

October 28, 2022

By Tim Worstall

Jezebel and Rolling Stone are making a desperate last-minute attempt to boost their favored Senate candidate in Ohio by casting shadows upon their non-favored candidate, J.D. Vance, who is a Republican.

Jezebel really ups the temperature here with its headline: “ Noted Shyster JD Vance Is Funding the Burning of Live Monkey Testicles” which, when we come to think of it, is fairly strong. The source is Rolling Stone which says “J.D. Vance Has a Burnt Monkey Testicle Problem,” which actually sounds worse.

It’s possible to describe the same events less sensationally. The Food and Drug Administration requires that any new drug be tested on animals before experiments move on to humans. This is described by the FDA here. This has been the law of the United States since 1938. The investment fund that Vance runs has put money into a company that does such testing – as well as many other types of drug testing. Also, Vance has invested some of his own money. So, an objective description would be that JD Vance is investing in a process that might cure Alzheimer’s, heart disease, or cancer.

This does include animal testing, as Federal law insists it must. So, it’s possible to describe this in either of those two ways. But one is biased and the other is an attempt to be informative rather than party politically partisan.

That Jezebel and Rolling Stone chose the one way shows that they’re biased. Why? Vance is a Republican, the Senate race in Ohio looks pretty tight, and control of the Senate might depend upon the result there.

It’s true that all is fair in love, war and politics. But that’s true of the participants, not of media, supposedly informing us. By their descriptions, we see that these two media outlets, as with so many others, consider themselves to be participants in politics, not a source of unbiased information.

Jezebel ranks at 65 for Arts and Entertainment outlets and gains some 5.5 million visits a month from that position. Rolling Stone is rather larger at number 10 in that same arts sector with 22.9 million visits a month.

The American press keeps telling us that their job is to speak truth to power and keep that democratic idea on the straight and narrow. This isn’t consistent with gross misinformation in favor of Democrats now, is it?  Democracy and the interests of the Democratic Party are two different things. Failing to grasp that fact makes this story, as so many others, disinformation.


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