Election ‘misinformation’ policing returns on Twitter

October 31, 2022

By Just the News

If it’s true that, as the adage has it, personnel is policy, then billionaire Elon Musk has already made an indelible mark as the new owner of Twitter by firing the top executives responsible for its strategic removal of purported misinformation and hate speech and deplatforming of high-profile users.

Whether and how quickly those censorship practices will meaningfully change is another question.

Not only do scores of prominent accounts, from the Christian satire website The Babylon Bee to former President Donald Trump, remain inaccessible to their owners or permanently suspended, but Just the News reporting continues to be throttled.

Shortly before Musk took ownership Thursday night, Twitter slapped an “unsafe” warning on a JTN report about a former Democratic candidate’s sworn affidavit alleging years of illegal ballot harvesting in politically important central Florida, which prompted a state criminal probe.

The warning tells readers the “misleading” content “could lead to real-world harm.” It’s not inherently tied to the report’s web address, but only displays as an interstitial when shared by certain accounts, including those of JTN founder John Solomon and Upward News.

It appeared on polling firm Rasmussen Reports’ tweet within a minute of its posting. Twitter appears to be suppressing search results for tweets sharing the report — not even Solomon’s shows up.

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