Berkeley crybullies are very, very unhappy with Accuracy in Media

November 7, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at The Daily Californian
‘Deeply offensive and despicable’: Berkeley Law, Zionist students condemn ‘Berkeley Bans Jews’ trucks near campus
By Anna Armstrong and Riley Cooke | November 3, 2022

Content warning: discussions of antisemitism [sic]

Berkeley Law has recently ramped up security in the wake of “Berkeley Bans Jews” billboard trucks that have driven by campus to protest the decision of nine student groups — of which there are more than 100 — to ban Zionist speakers.

Accuracy in Media, or AIM, is the conservative news media watchdog behind the recent trucks that have driven near campus and parked in front Berkeley Law and Berkeley Hillel, campus’s Jewish Student Center.

The initial truck had an image of Adolf Hitler saluting with the phrase “All in favor of banning Jews, raise your right hand.” According to AIM’s website, the “Berkeley Bans Jews” campaign is intended to encourage people to “politely” tell the Berkeley Law student groups to “stop their hateful actions and embrace tolerance.”

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