Media slams Katy Perry for supporting Republican

November 10, 2022

By Tim Worstall

Jezebel shows a remarkable lack of self-awareness in a recent article — in this case, for shading someone for being rich while also praising a rich person. This is not good logic, let alone good journalism.

The background here is that Katy Perry voted for Rick Caruso. Caruso being a rich person: “Katy Perry Gets Dragged to Hell After Voting for Anti-Abortion Billionaire Rick Caruso.” It’s that “billionaire” there that is really being criticized.

No, really, those Hollywood elites “hoard virtually all the wealth necessary for such change!” and we’re treated to phrases like “real estate mogul” and “the billionaire” and even “a right-wing billionaire“ and so on. Like, rich people are the very devil, you know?

The thing is, the piece, after it has shouted at anyone who voted for the rich guy, perhaps because they themselves were rich and that’s just what the rich do, support the oligarchy, then says this:

“All of this nonsense really makes you appreciate the rare celebrity wisdom of someone like Veep alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus, noted fundraiser for local abortion funds, who shared a thorough thread supporting Democratic former Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.) for LA mayor and taking Caruso to task for his s****y record.”

We are also fans of Louis-Dreyfus’ comedic talents, which we agree are considerable. They are part of the reason her net worth is currently estimated to be some $250 million. But only part – she’s a considerable heiress as well, her father is worth perhaps $4 billion as the head of the third largest – family-owned – commodity trading firm on the planet. We’re fine with both Louis-Dreyfus’ wealth, also that of her family. But not with Jezebel’s attitude here.

Jezebel ranks at No. 63 for arts and entertainment media outlets in the United States. The site gains some 6.4 million visits a month from that position. Perry and Louis-Dreyfus are entirely valid story subjects for them.

But rich people who espouse ideas Jezebel is against are “billionaires” and “right-wing billionaires,” “moguls” and hoarders. Equally rich people – in fact Louis-Dreyfus is considerably richer than Perry – who are politically with Jezebel display “rare celebrity wisdom”.

A certain bias on show here, no? Or perhaps it’s just that Jezebel doesn’t know all of this, which would be a remarkable lack of self-awareness?


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