Marie Claire pushes producers to add pro-abortion propaganda to TV shows

December 7, 2022

By Tim Worstall

Marie Claire tells us there should be more pro-abortion propaganda on TV. Also, that this should not be straight up propaganda, but hidden so as to be more persuasive. This might not be how we want TV and movies to work. But it is what is being said should happen in the headline:

“We Need to See More Parents Having Abortions in Film and Television.”

They do not mean filming the gory details, of course, but that storylines should include those who are already parents having abortions. Obviously, there’s a certain difficulty with showing those who are not already parents having an abortion – for if they do, then they won’t not be the parents who should be portrayed. There’s a certain tension between the two things of course, parenthood and abortion.

One line Marie Claire tries to take is that abortion is a common happening so it should also be common in art and entertainment. But the real argument comes a little later:

“I think the most radical reconception that needs to happen with respect to abortion, especially parenting people who have abortions, is for people to realize that it can be a serious act of love to have an abortion,” she says. “And for people who have kids, that is the number one decision-making factor. “

To translate that, we should have more storylines where a character who is already a parent has an abortion. This will lower the barriers against parents having abortions and so increase the number of those already parents who have abortions.

It’s propaganda, the insistence that a political message must be smuggled into the plots of entertainment shows.

Marie Claire ranks at No. 247 in the listings of news and media publishers in the U.S. It gains some 9.6 million visits a month from that position. The readership trends significantly young and female.

Abortion’s a controversial subject. That views differ on abortion is the same statement – that’s what controversial means. To call for more discussion is, well, it’s to call for more discussion. Views do, after all, differ. But to insist that TV shows must show a specific view of abortion is propaganda. It is to smuggle that – here it’s a pro-abortion one – view into the public consciousness. They actually insist that this is why it should be done, the TV show plots changed, so as to normalize it. That’s propaganda.


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