NowThis attacks pro-life pregnancy centers: ‘Insidious’ for providing abortion alternatives

December 30, 2022

By Accuracy in Media Staff

An investigative reporter working with NowThis claimed that Crisis Pregnancy Centers offering free care to pregnant women are “insidious” for what she claimed is manipulation of women who may be interested in abortion. 

Notably, Olivia Raisner is an investigative reporter and creative director for the pro-abortion nonprofit Mayday Health, whose mission statement is “to share info about access to safe abortion pills in any state. We hope to help empower people to make their own decisions.” 

It’s fair to say Raisner is not exactly an objective source. 

In the video for NowThis, she secretly filmed the inside of a CPC while pretending to be pregnant. She wore a camera on her shirt and even brought urine from her pregnant friend so that she could test positive for pregnancy. 


“They’re staffed by anti-abortion activists with this agenda to really eradicate abortion completely,” she explained.

She further bemoaned the centers being “very strategically placed close to abortion clinic services like planned parenthood,” also slamming them for offering services such as “free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds.” 

According to Raisner, this is “designed to lure in someone who really might need that free medical service.” She did not elaborate as to why it’s so important for women to receive care from a center that offers abortion.

One of the women working at the center explained to her that abortion is regretted by “many” women following the decision. 

NowThis fact-checked the worker, claiming there is “no link between having a safe abortion and the ability to ovulate.” What NowThis leaves out is that experts have reported infertility is a risk post-abortion if a woman develops an infection. 

Studies have found that infections resulting from abortion can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy in the future as well. It’s also been reported that postpartum hemorrhage is more likely during a vaginal birth among women who have had a medication abortion as opposed to those who have not. Further, women who undergo abortions are at risk of developing depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

“There was no accurate medical information that was relayed to me,” she claimed. 

“Be very wary of a center that offers free ultrasounds and free pregnancy tests,” she told viewers.

Raisner concluded by saying the work of these centers is “something insidious and different altogether and we need to shed light on it.”

This reporter took an unfounded issue with the centers offering an alternative to abortion nearby organizations that have been accused of having quotas for abortion.

This isn’t surprising, though, as Raisner’s organization exists specifically to promote abortion by way of the abortion pill. It advertises the use of this pill throughout the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Of course she is not going to be happy with an organization providing alternatives to abortion pills.

NowThis once again revealed its obvious bias by presenting this investigation without ever having provided viewers with an investigation into Planned Parenthood, of which there have been plenty.

This might be because NowThis has had a strategic media relationship with Planned Parenthood in the past. One example of this is its role as official media partner to Planned Parenthood Action Fund in 2019 for coverage of its presidential forum. NowThis had the exclusive right to stream the event. 


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