2nd biggest newspaper in Ohio features letters from leftists who are very unhappy with AIM investigation

January 26, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at The Columbus Dispatch
Letters: CRT should be required if what conservatives say is true. Democrats are real weirdoes
Letters to the Editor | January 24, 2023

One such letter:

If, as alleged by Accuracy in Media (Jan. 23 “School officials talk critical race theory”), the purpose of Critical Race Theory is “to teach children that America is systematically racist, that capitalism is inherently racist,” then let’s institute critical race theory in every school in America immediately, because both statements are demonstrably true.

If children learning the truth about American history is disturbing to some people, that begs the question why?

To remain ignorant about abuses of the past is to be trapped repeating them. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said critical race theory teaches children to “hate America,” where it is more likely to teach kids to hate injustice. And please include Native Americans as people of color.

If the worst criticism of CRT is that it is true, then that criticism falls flat on its face.

Lee Martin, Columbus

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