Liberal outlets reverse claim saying trans kids don’t get surgery to form Utah bill hit piece

January 31, 2023

By Tim Worstall

In a new piece, BuzzFeed News reports that making surgical treatments for trans children illegal is a vile denial of human rights and all that is good. Back in September, BuzzFeed News told its readers that even claiming that there were surgical treatments for trans children was a vile denial of the truth.

One of those two statements must be wrong – if something doesn’t happen, then there’s no problem with it being illegal. The only thing that has changed is what non-woke people are doing and saying. That’s enough to entirely flip the story from the woke and progressive media.

BuzzFeed News’ new piece says that Utah’s “SB 16 prohibits a health care provider from performing surgical procedures on anyone under the age of 18 seeking to transition.”  SB 16 is that new law in Utah that’s causing so much progressive concern. Trampling all over the rights of trans teens and so on. But back in September BuzzFeed News told us: “In the U.S., medical guidelines also stipulate that genital surgeries are only performed on patients over 18; this is the practice at Boston Children’s.“

The difference is that in September, LibsofTikTok (a defiantly non-woke social media account) was claiming that surgery was being done on trans kids – a claim that must be refuted. Now Utah has banned such surgery and that’s bad too. But, of course, it’s really weird to get upset about a legal ban on something you’ve just insisted doesn’t happen anyway. Well, outside of woke and progressive politics it is weird anyway.

It’s not just BuzzFeed. Vice for example: “On Saturday, Republican Gov. Spencer Cox signed the bill, banning gender-affirming surgery for transgender youth, “ This is terribly, terribly bad we’re told: “This law effectively bans access to life-saving medical care for transgender youth in Utah, “ and so on. Except, “Despite statements from the hospital as well as multiple fact-checks confirming these surgeries are not available to anyone under 18,“ was what Vice also told us back in September.

Politifact told us that: “To qualify for the procedure at Boston Children’s Hospital, patients must be 18 or older” So, gender affirmation – to use the woke name – doesn’t occur on those under 18. A law that bans gender affirmation surgery on those under 18 is not, then, a problem. Because it doesn’t affect anyone, does it?

Except that’s not how the woke are taking this. HuffPost: “According to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, teenagers experiencing gender dysphoria can begin taking hormones at age 14, and can have certain surgeries at 15 or 17. “ But back in April 2022 HuffPost told us that: “At 13 years old, she is years away from being able to surgically transition, and in her speech, she told committee members that the legislation is “just an excuse to discriminate.”“I still have a good four or five years before I start worrying about it…” which does look very like an insistence that surgery is not carried out on those under 18, doesn’t it?

Just 5 months ago we had the progressive media shouting at us that trans surgery really just isn’t performed on kids and teens – not until they’re 18 at least. Now they’re all shrieking about how appalling it is that there’s a law against kids and teens – under 18 – having trans surgery.

One of those two simply has to be wrong – or inaccurate, or misinformation. Because if the trans surgery is not performed on teens then there’s no problem with a law against it. If there is a problem with the law against it then it must be something that both happens and that the woke want to happen.


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