Utah congressman reacts to AIM investigation

February 2, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at Deseret News
‘Arrogant’ teachers think they know better than parents, Rep. Chris Stewart says after seeing now-disputed video
Marjorie Cortez | January 31, 2023

Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart reacted on Twitter to a video that has been shared on conservative media channels featuring people identified in recordings as Utah educators explaining how they teach topics such as critical race theory that are restricted in Utah public school classrooms.

The Accuracy in Media video includes conversations with interview subjects who said they teach restricted topics to Utah students by instructing high school seniors “who don’t tell their parents” or the teachers send home information to parents after classroom presentations.

“This is why so many people don’t trust public education: arrogant teachers who think they know better than parents. And this is why nobody should be surprised that Utah gave parents the ability to choose with school vouchers. We will always fight for the rights of our parents,” @RepChrisStewart tweeted Monday.

Stewart’s tweet referred to the Utah Legislature’s recent passage of HB215. The bill created the Utah Fits All Scholarship, which will grant qualifying families an $8,000 scholarship per school-age child to help pay for private education services or tuition, and at the same time gives each state-licensed educator a $6,000 compensation increase.

The video identifies some of the people interviewed as educators in the Jordan and Murray school districts.

Read the entire article at Deseret News.


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