AIM’s CRT investigation mentioned in yet another story

February 28, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at The Republican Standard
School Choice Proposals Fail in Virginia
Tim Worstall | February 14, 2023

Educational Savings Accounts just failed in the Virginia General Assembly.

Four varied bills each failed at different stages in the legislature. This is not good, but it’s also not the end of the process toward school choice. ESAs, vouchers and other types of school choice have failed to become law in other states before now and later gone on to victory.

We’ve even been told that our work where at Accuracy in Media has aided that process. For it’s when people find out how the educational bureaucracy really works that they shift their votes to school choice.

Sure, we can say that Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught in schools. But as our videos from Ohio, from Utah, and last year from Idaho, show, it doesn’t really matter what we say. What parents say, what the legislature says, the woke and progressive have control of the school system. So, the school system will continue to be woke and progressive whatever parents or politicians say about it.

The only way out is to free the schools from the system. That means having school choice. Sure, some parents want their kids taught those things in that way. They can make that choice – others don’t and they won’t have to. Because they can simply choose a school that meets their desires about education.

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