Academy Awards see ratings jump after ditching ‘woke’ agenda

March 14, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Not everything in life works both ways, it’s possible to make the omelet from the eggs but not the eggs from the omelet. On the other hand, some things do work both ways, it is true that “Go woke, go broke” explains the world. But so to does “Go less woke, go less broke”.

As the Oscars have just shown us. In recent years it has been obvious – because Hollywood has been forcing it down our throats – that the Oscars, as with the movies themselves, have been going more woke. This has also led to falling audiences for the Oscars’ show itself. To the point that the Academy (the motion picture one) that runs the ceremony has been worried about going broke. Broke enough not to be able to support all the things it would like to support that is. 

As the New York Times tells us:

Perhaps the time to pull out all the stops to keep the Oscars vibrant was five years ago, when the telecast, for the first time, attracted fewer than 30 million people, a 20 percent decline from the previous year.

Since then, the number of viewers for the Academy Awards has dropped another 37 percent, according to Nielsen’s data.

That’s a significant drop.

….the Oscars ceremony … provides the academy with about 80 percent of its annual revenue. Last year, Oscar-related revenue was $137.1 million, according to financial disclosures. Awards-related expenses totaled $56.8 million.

And there’s the money angle. Unless they can increase those viewing figures they’re not going to gain the revenue they need to fund all the things they want to do. They’ve definitely gone woke and while they’re not broke yet that’s still the direction of travel.

So, how did they do this year? With that return to more traditional ideas, dumping some of the woke? 

….at the Oscars 2023, which according to early Nielsen ratings published by Variety drew 18.7 million viewers, a 12% boost from last year.

Which is proof of the original contention, isn’t it? Go less woke, go less broke.

Now all we need is the rest of America to wake up to this interesting fact. Yes, sure, the young are often more woke than the rest of us but they’re young, right, not fully grown up yet. But rather more importantly, as they also never tire of telling us, the young don’t have any money.

 As with omelets and eggs then, woke with broke. Go less woke and make more money.


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