‘For liberal activists, AIM is dangerous.’ Newsweek writes a feature piece on Accuracy in Media

March 18, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at Newsweek
Meet the Conservatives Trying to Embarrass Liberal Educators with Hidden Cameras
Paul Bond | March 14, 2023

One educator talks of how a ban on teaching critical race theory could be skirted. Another boasts of how parents can be “tricked” over what goes in the school syllabus.

Both were recorded on hidden cameras by a conservative group that has been releasing videos periodically on the internet—and noting the fact that the videos have sometimes caused concerned parents to flood school board meetings.

As school battles take a central role at the grassroots of America’s culture wars over race, gender, language, COVID-19 rules and more, the group is going all out to draw attention to what progressives are saying, sometimes prompting accusations of unethical behavior with its recordings made under false pretenses.

This time, the hidden camera “stings” aren’t from the well-known right-wing group Project Veritas, but from a group that has been around a lot longer and is now putting schools in particular focus: Accuracy in Media—better known as AIM.

“We’ll keep doing it until school officials stop lying. Public school administrators are not entitled to a monopoly on deception,” AIM President Adam Guillette, who joined from Project Veritas three years ago, told Newsweek.

For liberal activists, AIM is dangerous.


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