Nebraska superintendent: ‘We would break the law’ if principles of CRT are banned

March 29, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Earlier this month Accuracy in Media released yet another investigation into school administrators—this time in Nebraska—revealing the lengths these educators are willing to go to expose children to Critical Race Theory and its principles. 

However, the footage was met with familiar objections, claiming that the video clips are out of context. 


AIM has now released a second video from the Nebraska investigation, showing a superintendent admitting that he would “break the law” if faced with a ban on the tenets of CRT. 

Dr. Mike Lucas, the superintendent of Westside Community Schools, told AIM investigators on hidden camera that if a law were passed in the state, “We would… we would break the law.”

“Just being honest,” he said. “I mean, I probably shouldn’t say that. But yeah, we would break the law.”

He justified this by saying, “we’re in the kid business, you know? And we’re not going to get bogged down by politics or anything else.”

In AIM’s first video from the Nebraska investigation, Westside Community Schools Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning Dr. Kelcy Tapp revealed that “around 2020, around George Floyd, he (Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas) created the ‘WE-side’ movement.”

“So it’s really talking about equity,” she explained.  

According to her, “Early on when that got kicked off there was a bit of some people that were trying to attach CRT to WE-side, so like that’s how we’re sneaking it in.”

Fortunately, there is a solution for parents and their children. School choice would give families more freedom to choose where their child attends school, or whether they want to homeschool. When public schools are not subject to competition, they are willing and empowered to ignore laws, insisting that they know best. 

Last month, at the request of Gov. Jim Pillen (R-Neb.), state Sen. Lou Ann Linehan introduced LB753, titled Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits. The measure aims to incentivize individuals, passthrough entities, estates, trusts, and corporations to donate to nonprofit organizations that grant scholarships for students to attend private schools.

Linehan reportedly explained that “[LB753] creates an opportunity for all children in Nebraska, regardless of their parents’ income, to have access to an education they want and desire, and they deserve.” 

Through their contributions to qualifying nonprofits, donors would be able to claim nonrefundable income tax credits, which could amount to 50% of their state income tax liability. 

Pillen expressed support for the measure, saying “Our kids are our future, and we need to give them every educational opportunity possible to help them succeed.” 

“LB 753 gives kids in need, including kids in poverty, kids in foster care, and kids of military veterans, more choices when identifying a school that best meets their needs. This bill is part of a package and failure to pass it will jeopardize funding for all Nebraska students,” he added. 

By adopting this legislation, Nebraska would empower parents to choose the schools that suit the needs of their children best. For many parents, that likely is not a school district that secretly injects CRT into lessons and curricula. 


These investigations have made it clearer than ever that the only solution is school choice. Click here to join us in our fight. With one click, you can tell your elected officials to promote school choice in your state.


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