Glamour fearmongers over Florida bill

March 30, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Glamour hugely misleads its readership over the latest bill in Florida to clarify education. The claim is that girls may not talk about menstruation and periods. Which is, of course, a ridiculous idea. No one is suggesting that and we’d be among those shouting if someone did.

What is happening is that the curriculum is being clarified. These things, these things here, should be taught in these types of lessons. Those things over there, they’re more suited to a different type of class. And that really is all that is happening.

As Florida legislators debate whether a bill would prohibit discussing periods at school, young Floridians explain the necessity of health education in the classroom.

That’s not what is happening in the slightest.

Now, as Florida legislators debate whether or not a bill—referred to as the “Don’t Say Period” bill and meant to limit sexuality and health education in the state’s schools—would prohibit young girls from talking about their periods in the classroom, young women like her have a message to their elected officials: leave our periods alone.

Simply not the truth at all. What is – perhaps deliberately – being missed is what Glamour then says:

While the bill doesn’t explicitly mention menstruation

There’s nothing about the subject in the bill at all. So why the claim that there is? The conclusion has to be that Glamour is seeking to deliberately mislead its readers.

Parts of the bill do say that sex is immutable, and that personal pronoun preferences do not have to be obeyed by teachers or others. Given that these are modern sins against the current fashions some opposition is to be expected. But on the other hand, those are ideas that would gain large – but not fashionable – support. Therefore while those might be the reason for the opposition to the bill that’s not how it can be put.

So, therefore, an invention of something that simply is not there in order to get the readership energized to oppose it. You know, entirely misleading, even perpetrating disinformation, in order to pursue a political goal. That is, not journalism, but politics.

There’s more to the danger than that of course. Because the readership deserves to be educated, not misled. As we’d like the schools to be educating, so, too, the media.

Florida – even this suggested bill rather than the law of the state – is not trying to ban talk of menstruation in schools. So why invent the idea that they are? In order to mislead, of course.


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