Seventeen frames feminism as radical neo-Marxist power grab

April 12, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Seventeen declares that “Everyone Should Be A Feminist and Here’s Why” in the headline of a recent piece.

A feminist, the article explains, is a sort of neo-Marxist, intersectional feminist fighting bravely for equal outcomes for all, including transgender women. The article effectively serves as propaganda to convert its impressionable teen audience into radical feminists spreading their misandry to everyone. 

“Feminism is about the advocacy of women’s rights to achieve equality,” the article says, couching this movement in the seemingly unobjectionable language of rights and the more nebulous “equality.” But on further examination, this definition isn’t nearly as noble as it sounds. 

Seventeen draws upon an infamous cartoon to indoctrinate readers with its nefarious, true agenda: equity, not equality of opportunity.

“Two people, one tall and one short, are trying to see over a wall,” explains a campus ambassador with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. “Equality is giving them both the same size stool so that they get equal shares (even though the taller person will always be able to see farther than the shorter one). Equity is the idea that the shorter person gets a slightly bigger stool so that, in the end, both people can see the same distance.” 

Everyone seeing the same distance means everyone has the same outcomes in a clown world. That is equity, enforced only by giving special treatment to protected classes while discriminating against straight white men and other oppressors.

Such special treatment is the birthright of women in an irredeemably misogynistic America, the article claims. That’s feminism, but that’s insufficient. After all, if your feminism “isn’t intersectional, then it’s not feminism,” quips another GLAAD campus ambassador.

It’s feminism only if powerful institutions give special treatment to women of color, disabled women and LGBT women, including biological men masquerading as women. That’s intersectional feminism, which resists the overlapping forces of oppression against anyone in the ever-changing victim category.

“For example,” the article says, “a white woman might face sexist oppression (she may be objectified, considered passive, or not as smart as the men at her job or internship), while a Black woman will experience sexism AND racism. A trans Black woman will experience sexism and racism AND transphobia.”

“Our movement becomes less powerful if we’re leaving people behind,” says a GLAAD campus ambassador. She thus shows modern feminism’s hand: It is a sociopolitical power grab that gains more power by pandering to more identities. Those with the immutable traits the movement privileges receive special treatment at the expense of the deplorables in what sounds like a zero-sum game.

Genuine equality of opportunity is perhaps the antithesis of feminism’s endgame. Seventeen’s neo-Marxist formulation of feminism begs the question: Should anyone be a feminist?


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