Teen Vogue portrays trans movement as victim after shooting

April 18, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Teen Vogue fundamentally misrepresents the trans movement in a new article, which misleads its young, impressionable audience into emotionally-driven advocacy for an ostensibly marginalized group.

Less than a month ago, a transgender mass shooter murdered three children and three adults at a Nashville Christian school, and the Trans Resistance Network released a statement condoning the shooting. In the wake of such radical extremism, New Hampshire Rep. Alissandra Murray claims that trans people are the true victims under attack because Republicans in her state proposed trans sports bans.

“Our existence now becomes a defense: We have to defend ourselves against these attacks because the legislation has set that landscape and put us on the defensive,” Murray said. “When you’re already in a position where … you’re facing all kinds of discrimination, to have all the public talking points be against you right now, it was extremely difficult for me as a legislator.”

Teen Vogue must see the discrimination she alleges as worse than what the Nashville victims experienced to not even mention the latter. Murray’s alleged discrimination was “extremely difficult,” but Teen Vogue chose not to identify the Nashville shooting as the unspeakable tragedy that it was.

The GOP is also the party that’s out of touch with scientific reality, according to the article. It cites a claim that transgender sports bans are “often steeped in assumptions about trans children and their bodies that simply aren’t based in reality.” As is the case throughout this article, the opposite is true: When biological males compete in female sports, they shatter female records.


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