Jezebel twists facts to draw up disinformation in response to Lindsey Graham

April 25, 2023

By Tim Worstall

In a new piece, Jezebel uses its own agenda to mislead its readers on abortion under the guise of a fact-check.

Jezebel takes issue with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), and accordingly uses misleading information, to the point of disinformation, to “correct” what Graham said.

“Graham—who has been trying to introduce a national abortion ban into Congress since 2015—runs through standard anti-abortion talking points, including saying that abortion at 15 weeks is ‘dismemberment’ (it’s not) and that ‘50 to 53 European nations limit abortion at 15 weeks or less’ (there are only 44 countries generally and 41 have legalized abortion),” according to the article.

Well, 44 sovereign states in Europe and 50 countries that are at least partially in Europe. So that’s less of a killer line than Jezebel seems to think – especially when we consider substates like the Aaland islands, Faroes and so on. Jersey, Guernsey? Their own Parliaments, currencies and so on, but countries?

But that’s not the point. Graham says that, leaving aside the number of countries, European nations often, mostly, limit abortion to less than 15 weeks. To which Jezebel responds that 41 have legalized abortion.

Both statements are true, but it’s the Jezebel one that is misleading. Yes, 41 European countries have legalized abortion, and most of them limit it to – for social reasons, not for the health of the mother or significant genetic problems with the child – to 15 weeks. In fact, most to 12 weeks. Here from the BBC, here from an anti-abortion group, here from a pro-abortion one.

Graham said that European abortion laws are a great deal more restrictive than those suggested by some for the United States. Graham was right on this. Jezebel’s answer, but it’s legal! is dissimulation. Yes, it is legal but within the restrictions – largely enough – that Graham said restrict it.

Run it through again. Graham says Europe largely limits social abortion to 15 weeks or less. Jezebel says but it’s legal. Yes, it’s legal up to 15 weeks or less. Who is misleading here? It’s not Graham with the disinformation, now, is it?

One more point. Graham is a politician. Jezebel is at least masquerading as a journalistic endeavor. Whom should we hold to higher standards about their statements, their call to facts? American journalism insists that it’s journalists – they’re the people who call politics and politicians to account, right? Is this a test that Jezebel has just passed?


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