Nickelodeon takes the binary out of bots, puts the trans in Transformers

May 12, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

When people think of the Transformers franchise, they imagine battle robots, rigorous car chases, and the classic battle of good and evil, or Autobots versus the Decepticons. Nickelodeon’s newest Transformers: Earthspark cartoon has fallen victim to the woke agenda, once again warping an iconic action franchise into propaganda.

In one clip, lead character, 9-year-old Morgan Violet, educates the ancient robot protagonist, Optimus Prime on the use of they/them pronouns for another robot, Nightshade. 

Morgan: Nightshades pronouns are they/them.

Nightshade: He or she just doesn’t fit who I am.

Optimus Prime: My apologies. Please switch their piece.

The exchange flows unnaturally, as often is the case with forced diversity. It leaves the viewer wondering what value the decision to make a robot non-binary brings to their child.

The answer is probably none. As the only people celebrating this spectacle seem to be adults and LGBTQ magazines.


Movie Web states,  “Having kids familiarize themselves with the concept of gender identity is unquestionably a good thing today. By adding more characters, such as Nightshade, young viewers can be taught how to treat each other respectfully.”

As more information has come out it has been discovered that Nightshade may not be the only bot to lose its binary. 

According to Transformers Wiki, Writer for the Cyberverse (Collective works relating to Transformers), Mae Catt, has referenced another character, Acid Storm, as fluid in gender. Since the character has been packaged as a male, yet voiced by a woman in animation, the Acid Storm has been deemed non-binary and fluctuates gender throughout episodes.

Two additional trans characters have been noted in the comics, one robot, Arcee, describes itself as a “forged male”, but indicates that it is a female throughout any appearances on the screen or the page.

Opposition to the character’s identity does not stem from having an irrational passion for robot gender ideology, rather the fact that this inherently sexual concept is being lobbed at young children through cartoons.


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