Education outlet proves value of AIM effort for school choice

May 17, 2023

By Tim Worstall

We’d all like to increase the wages of teachers. They are, after all, going to educate our children for a decade and more. So, how do we achieve that? The answer seems to be that we fire all the bureaucrats.

How we do that is school choice, for anyone actually running a school for the benefit of the students will pay the teachers and not the bureaucracy.

No, really, this is how it works:

“A New York City charter school’s starting pay for teachers will be $140,000 in the fall, more than double the national average…(…)… To afford the higher-than-average pay, TEP minimizes central expenses and hires fewer administrators than many other schools, with 34 full time. “

Now that all does seem too simple. And yet it is that simple. If money does not come through some central bureaucracy then the central bureaucracy cannot capture more of that money for itself. That means that the same budget – and it is the same budget, this is all a reallocation of public education dollars, not some other income source – can be used to pay frontline staff and not people shifting paper in backrooms.

Now, we are in favor of school choice simply because parents should decide how their children are educated. This is what it means to be a parent, to not just create new life but to guide and develop it into that adult that is – as every parent devoutly hopes – both better and better off than we flawed parents are.

But there are technical points to school choice, too. One of which is this: Schools, when given the choice, will not pay for the armies of bureaucrats. Instead, they will spend the money where it has the most effect. Upon the salaries of the people who actually matter, the teachers. All sounds good to us.

This does then lead to an interesting question. If school choice leads to money moving from bureaucracy to teachers then why is Randi Weingarten – who is supposedly on the teachers’ side – and the entire structure of the teachers’ unions so against school choice? Well, no, obviously – Ahahaha – it couldn’t possibly be that they are actually the unions of the bureaucrats, not the teachers. No, to assume that would be ridiculous. Obvious from their actions, something we can all see, but obviously ridiculous.

So ridiculous that we have to ignore reality. When schools get to spend their own money – the flip side of school choice where parents get to decide where to send their kids – then teachers get paid more. Isn’t that such a horrible thing that teachers’ unions must therefore be against school choice.


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