Jezebel, WH Press Sec push narrative that children don’t belong to parents

May 25, 2023

By Tim Worstall

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lets slip an all too common woke and progressive claim – that what’s ours is what’s theirs. Of course there are things in this life which are communal – our country, our rights, some of our responsibilities even. But our children are ours, not theirs. Which is the very thing that Jean-Pierre was arguing against. It’s in this piece from Jezebel:

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Trans Youth: ‘These Are Our Kids, They Belong to All of Us’

A more vile view of humanity is difficult to imagine. For the claim there is that our children – you know, the ones we had, sweated and screamed over, work our fingers to the bone for – actually belong to them. Of course, that’s what is meant by “all of us.” That the community should determine how our children live and what they are taught.

In more detail, at the GLAAD awards:

“I’ve met a lot of parents of trans kids in the past couple of months who have told me these devastating stories, whether they’re in Texas or Oklahoma or wherever they are, saying how they now have to seriously consider leaving their state to protect their child,” Jean-Pierre told Jezebel on Saturday. “That’s something that we have to call out and continue to be very clear about. These are kids. These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”

Leave aside the particular issue here, and the logical difficulty of the position. “To protect their child” and “These are our kids.” If they’re their, kids then they’re not our kids, are they?

Now, of course, it’s possible to say that this was just some quick interview at an awards show. It wasn’t the considered opinion of the Biden administration. Anyway, press officers don’t set policy, they merely present and explain it. But it’s exactly in those informal statements that the general beliefs come through. Unconsidered remarks show the background thinking.

And what Jean-Pierre is saying is that your kids don’t belong to you. They belong to the administration, or the woke and progressive who control the school system perhaps, but they belong to them. They act like it too. Many school districts refuse to detail to parents what their kids are taught. On the grounds that teaching kids is far too important for parents, it must be done by those in the system. The kids belong to that system, not to the parents who gave birth to them, not to the parents who get up at 4 am on freezing mornings to put food on the table.

No, no, the attitude is that your children actually belong to them, to be taught, raised, educated and molded as they say. At this point a certain disagreement over basic worldviews may be observed. Because of course, our children are exactly our children. To be raised and molded as we think right. Precisely because the having and raising of children is the most important function of human life – whether one uses Darwin or Deuteronomy as the guide, that is what the entire game of life is all about.

The effrontery of it, the gall. The most important thing in our own lives is for them to toy with as they wish.

Sure, it’s entirely possible to differ over the raising of kids, that’s been happening since the title of mother-in-law was invented. But that idea that the most personal of things, the most vital part of our lives – our children – is a vile rejection of absolutely everything that America is about. Which is rather the battle on our hands, the progressives don’t actually agree over what America is.


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