NowThis calls parents’ rights just ‘rhetoric’

June 16, 2023

By Tim Worstall

“Parents’ rights, protecting kids, whatever other rhetoric is being used…” is how Pen America sees your job in raising your children and how you wish to raise your own children. That’s just rhetoric. So is protecting children – just emotional language. Well, thanks to Pen America and NowThis News for bringing this to our attention.

The issue they’re about is books in schools, of course. The exciting part of this video – after that jaw-dropping insistence that we shouldn’t raise our kids our way – comes around 2:50

“….putting constraints, and that’s not in reality about protecting kids, that’s about controlling the circulation of ideas and trying to impose control on how people think and how they, speak, and how they read…”

That is a pretty good definition of what education is and should be. We send our children off for 12 years of school, perhaps with a few years of K tacked on, because that’s part of how we build an adult human kit. That’s what makes up a civilization.

And everyone agrees with this too. Math does say that 2+2=4, at least in grade school, it does. Sure, later, they learn binary and 1+1=10, but we teach the one stage first and the second later. So too, in English class, it’s cat and mat, and then we move on to it is fewer things and a lesser number of them. Well, that’s how it works, simple first, more complex later. We hope that at 18 or 22, after college, they’re all grown adults who can take the nation on to the next stage of development.

This is why this argument from the woke and progressive is so angry. They thought they’d taken control of that education system. They then created the America they wanted through how our children would grow up. We’ve now realized that and are fighting back. What gets taught in school should be what we want our kids to learn, not the propaganda they want to feed them. 

This is actually what the battle is about. What America do we want? Well, the one that arrives will result from our children’s education. And so we should be the people who decide upon that education because we, we the people, are the folk who should be deciding what the future of America is.

 Yes, that includes constraints on when children learn particular things. Note the emphasis on when they are there; they’ll discover everything in time. 

But there we have it; there’s what they, the other side think. Protecting kids is just propaganda. Parents’ rights are the same, just words. The aim of this propaganda is so that they get to control how our kids think, speak and read.

The surprise here is that they say it all out loud.


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