Hotline in Arizona uncovers critical race theory being offered in schools, officials say

June 22, 2023

By Just the News

Since Department of Education Superintendent Tom Horne introduced the Empower School Hotline in March, the department has received calls and emails reporting critical race theory in Arizona schools.

The Department of Education said Thursday that parents had called the hotline with evidence that schools have offered students content regarding gender issues forbidden under state law. Examples include keeping pronoun changes within the classroom, or providing emancipation paperwork to all students in a Gay-Straight Alliance club meeting.

“Despite those in ideological groups and some in the media that propagate the urban myth that CRT is not a part of the school system, we have evidence from the empower hotline, that there is enough CRT in our schools to constitute a problem, though it is obviously not universal,” Horne said. “We also have evidence that schools have put systems in place to hide or attempt to hide critical personal information from parents about their child. This is in direct violation of Arizona law.”

The hotline was created after the passage of ARS 1-602. The legislation states that all parental rights are exclusively reserved to a parent of a minor without government obstruction. Any coercion by a government employee of a minor to withhold information from the child’s parent is grounds for discipline or dismissal.

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