Not The Bee reports on ‘infuriating’ behavior exposed by AIM

June 23, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

I’ve always hated feeling like a traitor – or at least feeling like I’m perceived as a traitor – to many of my fellow public school teachers given my support for alternative forms of education like homeschooling, vouchers for private and charter schools, and even some digital school options.

I have absolutely loved teaching in a public (government) high school my entire adult life. Even though I see any compulsory educational system as intrinsically, fatally flawed, I still recognize that the vast majority of our country’s youth will experience it for good or ill. And I’ve always wanted to do my part to promote the good.

And contrary to the perception that is left by the social media amplification of the whacked-out revolutionaries who see the schoolchildren they teach as their own, state-mandated, cult-following that they are entitled to brainwash on the taxpayer dime, I remain convinced those activists-posing-as-teachers are still a small minority. Personally, I can’t think of a single teacher I’ve ever worked with that I didn’t think was (1) invested in the well-being of their students, (2) respectful and desirous of parental involvement, and (3) discerning when it came to the content of the curriculum they present to kids.

That’s why a recent undercover video released by Accuracy in Media is so distressing to me.

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