AIM uncovers even more deception in North Carolina

June 28, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In the red state of North Carolina, Accuracy in Media once again captures startling undercover footage of school officials speaking about the presence of CRT or related subjects in their curricula. 

Emy Garrett, assistant superintendent for Lexington City Schools, admits that the district doesn’t encounter problems with her progressive curriculum choices because “they do not have as engaged parents” as the more contentious districts do. She then says that if laws such as HB 3979 in Texas and HB 7 in Florida were passed, “most districts would ignore it.”

When it comes to college-level courses in high schools, such as Advanced Placement courses, Jeff Wallace, superintendent of David County Schools, said that he has “no authority” over what community college professors teach the advanced high schoolers and that parents were incorrect to “attach” the community college teaching of concepts like white privilege to the district.

In addition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory, there are alarming trends of schools fighting to intentionally keep children’s mental health status away from parents.

In response to the topic of teachers reporting transgender students to their parents, Garrett claimed, “You can’t legislate what you’re gonna make a teacher tell about a child,” a concerning sentiment given that teachers by law are mandated reporters of abuse. When asked if a bill were to be passed requiring parental notification of a child identifying as trans, if the district would follow it, Garrett laughed and said, “Not here.”

Proudly, Garrett admitted to “walking the tightrope of what law says,” asking sarcastically, “What are they going to do, fire me?”

Similar ideas were felt across North Carolina. Keytsiia Shy of Wake County Schools said that her district was “actually rolling out a program here where teachers are…it’s called the “if you know, but don’t tell” process where if your student comes to you and says, “Hey, I am trans” the teacher cannot then go tell a parent…Because right now, if you were to ask one of our teachers about your child’s status, they’re required to tell you. But we’re about to cut that back.”

This type of rhetoric from school officials should have every parent on edge. Teachers and school districts do not know what is best for children; their parents do.



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