Celebrities partner with GLAAD in push to silence opposing viewpoints on social media

June 29, 2023

By Tim Worstall

It might be sad to say this, but GLAAD has just come out as fascist. In the true sense, that is, not just in the modern one of “not-progressive.” They now insist that anyone who disagrees with them must be banned on social media. Or at least, people who disagree with GLAAD must not be allowed to speak freely on social media and must be censored. Yes, this is fascism; it’s the suppression of anyone who opposes the current groupthink.

Specifically, GLAAD (which stands for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) states that anyone who says things that they, GLAAD, don’t like about trans issues must be moderated away, banned from the platforms, restricted in reach – in general stopped from saying those things that GLAAD disagrees with.

No, they are: They published a release this week titled, “LGBTQ Celebrities & Allies Call on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to Stop the Flow of Anti-Trans Hate & Malicious Disinformation About Trans Healthcare.”

There are minor complaints about deadnaming, which comes under the heading of manners. If you don’t wish to insult someone, don’t; if you do, that’s a possible way of doing it. And no, neither the law nor social media rules should be used to stop you from insulting someone – you have to put up with the reaction if you do.

Much more importantly, there’s this, which isn’t about manners at all:

“This is particularly the case when it comes to the online extremists leading proactive coordinated campaigns of hate and lies about gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth.”


“We call for you to meet with community leaders and creators to hear about these real world harms that result from anti-trans content on your platforms — and to create and share plans for how you will address:

“Content that spreads malicious lies and disinformation about medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth. As described above, such harmful content from high-follower hate-based accounts has resulted in extraordinary real-world harms. Specific mitigations on such disinformation must be developed (for instance akin to election and COVID-19 mitigations and rules).”

 Now, we can use modern terminology here. Suggest that not all trans treatment for children is a wise idea, and perhaps parents or others might be allowed to say something about that in public. You know, yes, we grasp the importance of trans issues, and well….actually, let’s not. Let’s put this straight.

The demand here is that no one be allowed to publicly say that cutting the genitals off children is a bad idea. That is being said, too; that’s what is hiding behind that “medically necessary healthcare for trans youth.”

GLAAD urges that there must be no public allowance of those different views on social media – they’re fascists. People must not be allowed to say what those in power disagree with.

This is also not something specific to this particular subject. It’s a standard call across progressive politics these days. That people should not be allowed to publicly say things that are “untrue.” This has been said about elections, vaccines, and trans issues – the first two examples that GLAAD uses. But there are “scientific proofs” of all sorts of things, that socialized medicine will be better, that socialism will, that a higher minimum wage doesn’t increase unemployment, that the capitalists are stealing everything, that …..well, you get the point. There are many things where some claim to have received the divine truth, and everyone else just must shut up. This is even before we get to the modern definition of climate denial. There are those who insist that anyone saying that it’s not an imminent and immediate disaster must not only lose their right to speech but to anything at all.   

The Founding Fathers got this right, so they said that government should not limit a free press. That it’s now non-profits trying to determine doesn’t change the case – we need all those views to reach sensible conclusions.

And now, go back to considering what GLAAD is demanding. No, think about it. That “medically necessary for trans youth” thing. They say people shouldn’t be allowed to question this on social media. No, shut up. No one who even wonders whether slicing the breasts off girls or the testicles off boys is a good idea should be allowed to speak in public—only those who affirm that it is.



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