Teen Vogue incites readers to racism in response to SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

July 7, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Teen Vogue uses a recent piece about the Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action to indoctrinate its impressionable, young audience into its racist agenda.

The magazine takes advantage of readers’ pre-existing sympathy for Black Americans as a protected class to brainwash them into a gross misconception of fairness as privileged treatment of Black Americans. The outlet’s willful exploitation of its idealistic readers is particularly dangerous in light of readers’ eagerness to fight for what trusted authorities – like Teen Vogue – tell them is “social justice.”

Last week, the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action programs at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina. It effectively ended affirmative action at colleges and universities nationwide that receive federal funding. 

Although the ruling affects all minorities, Teen Vogue focuses almost exclusively on Black students. The Court’s ruling is an “attack on Black life,” the author writes. It perpetuates the United States’ longstanding legacy of “maintaining an unequal and unjust society, where racism not only exists — it thrives.”

The activist author goes so far as to liken the ruling to slavery itself. The Court’s decision was made soon after Juneteenth, “a date that’s a stark reminder of the inhumane atrocities that Black folks have endured on this land for centuries and this country’s legacy of delaying freedom and equality for Black people, past, present and future.” The end of affirmative action, like slavery, is part of America’s enduring tradition of irredeemably racist treatment of Black Americans.

While slavery is inherently evil, ending affirmative action is not. It provides equal opportunity to students of all races, including not only white students, but also the Asian students whom affirmative action discriminated against. The author entirely omits how the Court’s decision both explicitly benefits that minority group of students and implicitly helps other minority students by abstaining from the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Since Asian students’ ancestors have also been discriminated against in America, the author’s failure to mention these students reveals not a desire for fairness but a grievance-based racial politics only favoring certain minorities.

Teen Vogue knows its audience is eager to advocate what it deems fair, so the outlet propagandizes it with its equity-based, racist vision of socioeconomic outcomes. In doing so, Teen Vogue prepares America’s future thought-leaders to corrupt its most powerful institutions with what they believe is justified racism against white Americans “who create and uphold systemic racism and … benefit from it.”



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