Outlet calls to end homeschooling because parents won’t push their desired propaganda

July 11, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Bustle reports in a new piece that because some reality shows exploit the children in them, there should be no homeschooling. We could call this the logical fallacy of the hasty generalization, but if we’re honest about it, we don’t think there’s anything hasty about it at all. 

We also are not joking about the logical structure employed here. It is as we’ve said. We can see the transformation here:  

“In 2013, homeschooled alumni founded the nonprofit Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE), which is dedicated to advocating for the rights of children to be just that: children, with an open future and safe from exploitation.” (Full disclosure: I’m on CRHE’s board and joined the organization a few years after it began.)

“CRHE considers homeschooled children who are forced to work full-time, often starting at ages 12-14, as doubly exploited: “These children are frequently not paid for their labor, and are thus both deprived of an education and exploited,” according to the nonprofit’s page about abuse in homeschooling environments.”

It all starts as, Josh Duggar should have shared more money from the reality series with his children as they became adults. And maybe he should, a valid point to make and a valuable question to ask. 

But note that logical leap there, to homeschooling. It has long been a matter of intense rage among the more progressive (and certain in the teachers’ unions) that homeschooling is even allowed. For what’s the point of their conquering the education system to propagandize the next generation if some substantial portion of children doesn’t enter the public school system to be propagandized?  

 This is how we get this conflation. Sure, the payments for reality TV, which includes children, should be shared with the children. Maybe – as we say-we’ve no view on that and agree that it’s interesting to discuss. But that some children are potentially exploited by TV companies is evidence that homeschooling is a bad thing.

They’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on our children, will they? Because they know that the only way to change society to their dream is to ensure we don’t raise our kids our way, they must be allowed to raise all kids. 

After all, no rational adult will believe the nonsense they peddle; therefore, they must control children to have someone, somewhere, who will.


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