Oil and gas group hits back after Mark Ruffalo condemned fossil fuel workers

July 13, 2023

By Just the News

The US Oil & Gas Association (USOGA) fired back at a rant from prominent actor Mark Ruffalo following his social media post condemning fossil fuel industry workers.

Ruffalo, a multi-Oscar and Emmy award nominee, touts himself as a “climate justice advocate” in his Twitter profile. Over the weekend, he posted a news article that claimed the Earth’s temperature is at a multi-millennium high and blamed it on “climate deniers who have worked for the oil and gas industry.”

“For all you climate deniers who have worked for the oil and gas industry—mostly you flagrant politicians, you have screwed us, your children, and the generations to come,” he tweeted. “All for greed and selfishness. Especially Lee Raymond and Exxon.”

USOGA responded directly to Ruffalo on Twitter, scolding him for not being “grateful” to workers who have powered America’s grid for decades.

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