State Freedom Caucus calls on Arizona Library Association to leave the American Library Association

July 28, 2023

By AIM Newswire

The Arizona Freedom Caucus called on the Arizona Library Association to cut ties with the “woke, extremist” American Library Association (ALA).

The American Library Association is the world’s oldest and largest library association. The association states its strategic advocacy directions include literacy, diversity, and equity of access, information policy and intellectual freedom, and professional and leadership development.

According to the American Library Association, its funding comes from membership dues and funds generated from publishing activities, educational programming, and grants.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus’ plight follows the Montana Library Association withdrawing its membership from the American Library Association earlier this month in direct response to the group’s president Emily Drabinski describing herself as a “Marxist-lesbian.”

The Arizona Freedom Caucus, it applauded the Montana Library Association’s decision to cut ties with the American Library Association and encouraged the Arizona Library Association to do the same.

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