Triumph in Ohio: AIM investigation leads to universal school choice in Buckeye State

August 10, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

AIM was a dynamic catalyst for change in the state of Ohio. After our investigation exposed school officials who admitted to “tricking” parents about teaching Critical Race Theory, the story swept through the media. And thanks to AIM, parents and legislators took action. 

The discoveries were broadcast across national media, including Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News, NBC, and OAN. Axios, NPR, USA Today, and Townhall, among others, covered the outrageous statements from Ohio officials. With this media coverage, these school districts could no longer avoid the spotlight.

Matthew Boaz, the executive director of DEI in Upper Arlington was placed on leave after our investigation revealed he was intentionally deceiving parents. Earlier this month, he resigned from his position, according to Equal Upper Arlington.

Several months after the release of the undercover footage, Ohio enacted Universal School Choice.   It allows state money to follow the child, regardless of the chosen school. As the legislature passed its first bipartisan budget in a decade, this budget included increasing accessibility to private school scholarships. We can’t help but think that after catching school districts bragging about how they lie to parents, our investigation helped push parents and politicians to renew the fight for school choice.

Protect Ohio Children co-chair Cathy Pultz had this to say regarding the investigation and aftermath:

“It was shocking to watch school employees from Districts all across Ohio tell strangers that they would defy the law and lie to parents about the teaching of CRT. Over the last few years, parents have witnessed the erosion of academics as well as the inclusion of culturally divisive topics.  

I believe parents are paying attention, and lawmakers are listening.  Ohio’s new budget extended school choice to all children, and that is a win for Ohio children.”

The local impact of our investigation could be seen in the emergency school board meetings that followed the video release and media coverage. NBC4 reported that more than 200 people attended the first meeting after the release.

Parents and elected officials must continue to be vigilant and fight for the minds and hearts of America’s children. Accuracy in Media strives to promote transparency and honesty in school districts, and our team will continue to work to make changes throughout the county.


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