Teen Vogue fixes racist justice system with discrimination against white men

August 25, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a recent piece, Teen Vogue indoctrinates its young readers with the false dogma that worse outcomes for minority communities always and everywhere mean that a systemically racist America has victimized them. The outlet takes advantage of readers’ healthy appetite for “anti-racism” by pinning a brutally racist justice system on the bogeyman of straight white men.

Without an authority figure to correct Teen Vogue, well-intentioned readers are manipulated into ignobly “fighting racism” by practicing it (and sexism) against straight white men who maliciously exclude minorities from holding judicial power.

The author says these white male oppressors account for most of the judges and attorneys in the state and federal appellate courts that decide 98% of appellate cases. She explains to the female readers that these men are the white patriarchy that metes out “decisions that affect every facet of our personal lives, from our reproductive rights to our ability to vote.” 

Even after “hundreds of years, … the negative consequence of having a homogenous group of attorneys and judges in our appellate courts” is still the same: vicious racism. Today’s racism is as abhorrent as the Supreme Court’s long-overturned “separate but equal” ruling from the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson. In 2023, appellate court professionals are automatically racist solely because those who upheld Plessy were also straight white men. 

The “systemic barriers” blocking minority students in their pursuit of appellate law are so obstructive as to preclude justice.

“Equal justice under law cannot exist when the communities most impacted remain the least represented,” the author writes.

The message is clear: Remove all straight white males from the judiciary since they’re only there because of a systemically racist system. It’s a message finding an eager audience in girls raised in an increasingly pervasive milieu of wokeism where racism is the unforgivable sin.

Little do they know, these girls are ironically playing a racist, sexist, zero-sum game, sometimes against their own family and friends.

Instead of letting their children learn fundamental values from Teen Vogue, the girls’ parents should have taught them that two wrongs don’t make a right. 


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