Moms For Liberty and LibsofTikTok were ejected — and one outlet lied, blaming them for bomb threats

August 31, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Jezebel reports in a new piece that LibsofTikTok and Moms for Liberty are the causes of bomb threats against elementary schools and libraries. 

No, really, the cause of

The article is headlined “Right-Wing Harassment Led to Bomb Threats Against 3 Elementary Schools and Libraries This Week.”

Jezebel does not say that some folks did terrible things and others complained. They’re actually saying “led to.” That’s causative; this action here made that action over there happen.

To repeat, and we are not making this up, Moms for Liberty and LibsofTikTok are being blamed for this. 

“Libs of TikTok and Moms for Liberty both share similar bases of right-wing support and lean in hard on issues pertaining to queer youth, identity, and teachings about racial justice and diversity in schools. Of course, neither actually cares about children’s safety—Libs of TikTok previously galvanized anti-trans bomb threats aimed at a children’s hospital in Boston for offering gender-affirming care—and both are merely interested in bullying and harassing marginalized communities, to the extent that, in this case, their harassment is physically endangering kids.”

 See the connection they’re making there? If you try to have a conversation about what schools should teach and how, then you’re backing the Unabomber.

It’s easy enough to see what Jezebel is trying here. The progressive, the woke project will not work if anyone stops to think about it. If We, The People have our say, then the plan will never come to fruition. So, anyone who thinks about – let alone opposes – the ideas must be accused of hate. Or, here, of bombing children. 

This absurdity is even claimed because the woke realize that Moms for Liberty and LibsofTikTok are a threat. It is not a threat to schools or libraries but to their progressive control. 

“One of the Moms for Liberty speakers at the library event shared what happened on Twitter and called on her followers to identify the librarians, leave reviews, and harass the library with phone calls.”

That’s what’s being complained about. The idea is that we taxpayers – the people paying for all of this – get to have a say in how our money is spent. Don’t we realize that our job is to send the cash and allow the progressives to spend it on building that woke world?

The venom – and the accusations of bomb threats – are all about us no longer being the marks and the patsies—nothing like a plan being frustrated to bring out the anger in people.


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