AIM uncovers the latest way schools are sneaking in Critical Race Theory

September 13, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

A school administrator in the Midwest revealed to Accuracy in Media that there is another Trojan horse in schools already: social and emotional learning.

AIM investigators captured him on camera explaining how while some teachers are using “social emotional learning” for good, others are using its benign name to obscure what they are actually teaching.

“I’ve seen different schools in places where they have tried to push an agenda using a topic of social emotional issues or even critical race theory,” said the administrator, whose name, face and voice AIM chose to obscure to protect him as a whistleblower.

“There are people, again, this is going to where people have abused it is they use social emotional learning to push a doctorate-like doctrine.” he continued. “They should not be indoctrinated at school to believe otherwise. That’s not our job.”

Accuracy in Media has previously reported on Newsela, the platform countless school administrators and educators told us about. The platform uses content from a variety of media outlets and allows teachers to create lesson plans customized by age and reading level. But Newsela has partnered with the controversial 1619 Project, Howard Zinn, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to create lessons on topics that are banned in many school districts. Teachers are using the platform to teach those topics anyway and knowing they’ll get away with it under the label of “Newsela.” 

And now, this school administrator is saying that social emotional learning is being used the same way.

“What I’ve seen in some curriculum, they are pushing more of the social issues. Like again, whether or not same sex marriage, whether that’s right or wrong, whatever.”

“They should not be indoctrinated at school to believe otherwise. That’s not our job.”

“Now what’s different, where we would go, where I would go with it is where we talk about everybody has a right to an education. Everybody has a right to be treated fairly. Everybody has a right to equal access to everything. It’s different than saying everybody has to believe the same thing.”

The administrator described the root of the issue with how those bad actors are using the label of social emotional learning.

“I just think people use it as an overreach to say, because you’re going into a situation that you think these kids aren’t accepting of something.”


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