AIM responds to lying DNC-funded social media influencer

September 19, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Accuracy in Media has been following the misinformation coming from influencer Harry Sisson on social media.

AIM initially reported on a tweet he posted claiming that Philadelphia has the worst air quality in the country — a lie that only served to prop up the Biden administration’s climate agenda. Sisson is managed by Palette Management, which has close ties to and has been paid by the Democratic National Committee.

So AIM sent Sisson a reality check in the form of a mobile billboard outside his house and an action alert from our network of activists.

Sisson finally responded — and proved he can’t even tell the truth within a single video. In the video, Sisson complains that AIM is calling him a “paid propagandist” — but it’s actually his FEC filings that call him a propagandist.

He complains that the mobile billboard was sent to his “private residence,” saying that people’s homes should be off limits. But Sisson has protested at the residence of a Supreme Court Justice and encouraged others to do so.

He claimed they sent the billboard to his house, where he was filming a video, but also claimed he does not live there anymore.

Watch the full video to see just how many times Sisson can contradict himself.

And with one click, you can take action. Send a message to Sisson telling him to stop lying to his young, impressionable followers.


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