Austin schools defy ban on CRT: Exclusive footage reveals hidden agenda

October 11, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Accuracy in Media has uncovered more CRT in Media in the red state of Texas. Exclusive undercover footage from our investigators shows school administrators admitting that they ignore Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on CRT in K-12 curriculums.

Adrienne Aldaco, Austin ISD’s interim director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, said that despite not being able to offer DEI as “a requirement,” there are “other options.”

Aldaco continues, saying, “Our district is really big on inclusivity and diversity and equity.”

A commonality among the administrators AIM investigators have observed across the United States is the phenomenon of implementing DEI and CRT principles under different guises of teaching.

Deanna Perkins, a fourth-grade teacher in Leander ISD, shares that “there’s not ‘formal’ DEI, but you know, we’re kind of incorporating it in.”

Educators and officials will use lesson plans from curriculum-sharing sites like Newsela, a Trojan horse of the banned The New York Times’ 1619 Project, and teach it to students. We now know they do this purposely and deceitfully to avoid the alarm of parents.

An Equity Officer, Stephanie Harley, of Austin ISD has this to say about Newsela, “Newsela, I feel like—has the dimensions and then there’s the nuance.” In leftist terms, this means that the ideology taught in Newsela lessons aligns with their point of view.

When asked whether his district can teach the 1619 Project, Juan Sanchez, an instructional specialist at Bastrop ISD, said that some districts do because they ‘bring in the resources that are not opinion and use it.” But are these resources actually “not opinion,” or are they the corrupted truth of liberal educators?

If Americans take one thing from AIM’s investigations, it is that these administrators and educators do not value parents or children and only care about advancing their ideology to future generations.


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