Michigan, Harvard under a spotlight: Exposing the pro-Hamas narrative behind university walls

October 16, 2023

By Tim Worstall

The vileness continues. Here it’s from Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan student newspaper. We can probably gather the general tone from this: “On Saturday, Palestinians in Gaza launched a surprise attack on the colonizing force of Israel, one of the largest-ever Palestinian liberation operations in modern history. They invaded colonial settlements, bulldozed territorial walls and captured Israeli soldiers.” 

Murdering babies is a liberation operation. Note that this was not some byproduct of the operation – murdering babies was the clear aim at the outset. This is moral bankruptcy.

But if that’s not enough, there’s also this. Those supporting the Palestinians – before this latest atrocity – had a demonstration on campus. At which point we get this complaint: “It’s never the case that the Palestinian flag can be peacefully flown by itself – the Israeli flag will always be within the vicinity, articulating its dominance and reconfiguring discourse. And that’s exactly what happened at the protest. A group of counterprotesters waving the Israeli flag was also present on the Diag, verbally harassing and filming the demonstrators.” Well, yes, that’s how we do it here. Everyone has those same First Amendment rights. We can all say as we wish – although we do have to put up with the consequences of other people’s opinions of what we say. To insist that supporters of “the other side” cannot also speak is to be totalitarian.

 And then there’s this: “This contributor has asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons. “We’d all have a strong suspicion this is for cowardice reasons more than anything else. As the article points out: “If that’s not enough, thirty-one Harvard student organizations blame Israel for the recent Hamas attack, claiming that these attacks didn’t happen in a “vacuum.” And, well, yes. We’ve had certain things to say about that particular vileness. Who are all these antisemites supporting terrorism at Harvard anyway, only being the start of the list of questions?

It’s possible to think that it’s not, in fact, cowardice, merely cupidity. Bill Ackman has been asking Harvard for a list of those who signed that Harvard letter – so that Wall Street forms can ensure they never hire any of them. Because that is how freedom of speech works, you can say anything. Just as we all get to judge you for what you’ve said.

But there we have it, the pro-Hamas cause in a nutshell. Morally bankrupt and totalitarian cowards are not even willing to stand by their own verbal excrescences under their own name. 



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