Retaking control of education: Texas school voucher bill challenges bureaucratic hold

October 18, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Texas is showing us why we need to have school vouchers. More importantly, Accuracy in Media investigations show why the Texas Legislature must pass school choice.

This is not an argument about morals or ethics; it’s one about who has the power over our children. They are our children, the most important things in our lives. It’s also true that democracy is important; that’s how we collectively decide upon things. But if the bureaucracy has gone rogue, and chooses to ignore both us and democracy about our children, we’ve got to get rid of that rogue bureaucracy.

 Firing bureaucrats is not possible. We know that. So, we have to eliminate the system of bureaucrats as we cannot do so individually.

AIM’s investigation shows that the Texas school bureaucracy is entirely ignoring the democratic decisions of the legislature. Perhaps the example so far is only Corpus Christi, but it’s there:  

Abbott signed House Bill 3979 in June 2021. The legislation does its best to prohibit the teaching that some individuals are “inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

But, as AIM’s investigation shows viewers, the law seemingly bears no weight on the educational content decisions of teachers in Texas.

“We probably don’t say ‘1619,’” Curriculum Director at Calallen ISD Jodi Ferguson told investigators on hidden camera.

“But, are some of the concepts in there, in the way we’re teaching it, are they in there? I would say yes,” she said. “But we just can’t say ‘1619 Project.’”

The bureaucrats won’t even obey the law, let alone democracy. Therefore, we’ll have to do without the bureaucrats. This is what school choice is about: allowing parents – us – to decide how their children will be educated.

“Just hours after the Texas Senate approved its priority school voucher bill, Gov. Greg Abbott said he would add teacher raises and public school funding to his special session agenda if the Texas Legislature passes vouchers.

The reason this all needs to be passed? School choice is the only way to eliminate that bureaucracy that does not obey the law or submit to democracy or parents’ wishes.

Public education will still exist, and a system of public education will still exist; it’s just that those who will not listen to the public about education will no longer be in charge of it.


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