Meet the key figures propelling antisemitism at Columbia

October 28, 2023

By Accuracy In Media

Nearly two dozen groups at Columbia University signed a joint letter in the wake of an attack on Israel that left 1,200 dead and at least 2,700 wounded. That letter suggested such violence was inevitable, saying, “If every political avenue available to Palestinians is blocked, we should not be surprised when resistance and violence break out.”

They also hinted at violence, saying, “there can be no future of safety and freedom for all Israelis and Palestinians without holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its actions and putting an end to the untenable status quo of Israel’s apartheid and colonial system.”

These are the names that Accuracy in Media was able to independently confirm as holding leadership roles within groups who signed the letter. AIM has removed the names of students from groups who withdrew their support of the letter. The letter initially included the names of the groups signing, but has since removed the list.

Columbia University Muslim Students Association
Aiman Najah, Co-Religious Chair
Samra Moosa, Treasurer
Hana Memon, Social Media Coordinator

Conflict Resolution Collective
Akmaral Bekbossynova, President
Michelle Cao, Communications
Kristen Folkerts, Treasurer
Jax Viteznik, Communications
Lauren Stricker, Events

SIPA Human Rights Working Group
Elliot Mur, Co-President
Hannah Sattler, Co-President
Aarushi Gupta, Officer
Angel Ornelas, Officer
Marryan Ishaq, Treasurer
Sarita Amelinda, Secretary
Bhava Bellamkonda, Communications Chair
Lauren Stricker, Events Coordinator

SIPA’s Palestine Working Group
Jasmine Sarryeh Jemeršić, Co-President
Aliya Begum Jessa, Officer
Tasfia Arshad, Secretary
Philip Crane, Secretary
Matilde Gonzales, Officer
Eliza Fairbrother, Officer
Danial Sayid, Officer

Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Avery Bashe, Co-President


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