AIM advocacy upheld despite harassment at Harvard, wins some community approval

November 8, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Amid the hatred and violence shown to Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette and the mobile billboard at Harvard University, appreciation was shown from the local community and Jews for holding antisemitic students responsible for their actions.

Shock was the main emotion. Shock that these students at such an “esteemed” institution truly believed that Israel was to blame for the horrific actions of Hamas terrorists on October 7 that left more than a thousand Israelis, including women and children, dead.

When asked why these students believed this, one woman simply replied, “I think it’s because they’re stupid.”

Guillette posed a question to another passerby who stated she was Jewish: “Not a fun time to be a Jew on a college campus is it?”

“No, it’s definitely not, it’s a very hard time,” she said.

Stacy Gittleman, a Jewish freelance writer, expressed her appreciation for the rescinded job offers of exposed anti-semites. Gittleman continued holding that “there should be no moral ambiguity after what we’ve seen since Saturday [October 7].”

Even through the harassment, assaults, and protests, AIM is more determined than ever to stand up for Jews on college campuses filled with vocal antisemites. When people, who are affected by these antisemitic statements and protests, express how much they appreciate the accountability, it only fuels our organization to continue our work.



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