VIDEO: Heated debate as AIM puts CUNY on blast for antisemitism

November 20, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Continuing Accuracy in Media’s Campus Accountability Campaign, which alerts college campuses of their resident antisemites, Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette accompanied a mobile billboard to the City University of New York (CUNY) campus.

The billboard featured the names and pictures of students and staff involved in antisemitic activities. It parked near campus, quickly attracting a mob of protesters attempting to block the screen.

Some who passed by didn’t seem to mind that one of their professors raised funds for a company tied to a Palestinian terrorist group that supports Islamic Jihad. One woman stated that she didn’t care because “it wasn’t impacting her education.” However, it’s hard to believe that she, and others who think like her, maintain that belief with all professors and all ideological views.

Another man stuck around the billboard, filming Guillette closely on his phone, and when the man was asked if he was worried that CUNY hired a professor that was fired from CNN for antisemitic remarks, the man proudly claimed “Not at all.” Later the unidentified individual made a crude gesture at the camera and cameraman, then proceeded to grab the camera.

One pro-Israel bystander engaged the protestors as they crowded around the area with umbrellas, balloons, and a banner. He expressed his views on the issue, explaining that 

“What shocks me is all these people come out to free Palestine, but the millions of Muslims that are killed and slaughtered [in], Syria, Yemen, Libya to name just three countries, 3 million dead Muslims. But nobody comes out to protect them. They come out  to protect Hamas.” He continued, getting more upset, “Assad the butcher! Where are all you people? Not one of them come out. Not one of them. Shame on you people, and you hide your faces, you’re a disgrace! You come out to be a [expletive] racist!! I see all of you! You all have [expletive] swastikas!”

The protesters kept their faces covered, and Guillette raised an important question: “If you’re so proud of what you’re doing, why do you guys hide your faces?”

They didn’t provide an answer.

The ethnic cleansing chant of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” rang out as the crowd became agitated. One of our contracted security guards was assaulted by a student, who also attempted to grab Guillette’s microphone. When students were asked what would happen to the Jews of Israel if Palestinians got their wish of land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, no one had the guts to answer.

At this point, it has become clear that radical antisemitism has spread like a disease through U.S. higher education.

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