What happens at Harvard does not stay at Harvard

February 13, 2024

By Tim Worstall

What happens at Harvard stays at Harvard, right? The same could be said of other Ivy Leagues and colleges altogether. 

Foolish students are foolish, but when they come out into the real world, they grow up and become normal.

But the trouble is, that isn’t quite how it works — and that’s why so much effort is being put into teaching these woke and progressive ideas at colleges.

If you mold the minds of the young, those beliefs will infest society as they grow up. This is the thing that truly worries us about the antisemitism on campus that we’ve been doing so much to combat. If students believe this is normal, what will society as a whole be like in two decades?

Time carries a piece from the head of Palantir (a prominent Silicon Valley software form) worrying about how this is happening now.

While our collective focus has been trained on the nation’s most elite educational institutions, Silicon Valley and the technology companies that now control vast swaths of the global economy may soon be facing a similar reckoning. The leaders of Silicon Valley, who have constructed technical empires that structure and shape our lives, were for the most part raised in a contemporary culture deeply skeptical of substance and authentic belief. The principal sin for this cohort is to offend. A certain pragmatism and insensitivity to calculation has been lost on them.

The problem isn’t the technical knowledge of the engineers being produced; it’s the moral knowledge and attitudes of those leaving college. If everything is critical theory, DEI and CRT, then there are no firm bases upon which decisions about what to do in the world can be based.

This might be a little strong, but the underlying complaint is that America’s premium colleges produce moral pygmies, which isn’t a good way of building a thriving and productive economy.  

It is necessary to change those colleges and what they teach and how. It really is this generation of students that will become those running the economy in 20 and 30 years’ time.

This is, of course, the reason why the revolutionaries have been concentrating on changing what is taught in college and how. Because they desire and insist upon that change in the country, it’s also why we must oppose them, change them, and remove their power.

Those kids hating Jews on an Ivy League campus today are the CEOs of the next generation. Anyone feel happy about that?  


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