AIM launches StopMemphisHate after Kyle Rittenhouse event turns tumultuous amid BLM protest at University of Memphis

March 22, 2024

By Tim Worstall

Kyle Rittenhouse – found not guilty of anything, if you recall – was chased from the University of Memphis campus last night by an enraged mob. That mob seemingly made up largely of Black Lives Matter activists and associates.

A modest description from CBS News:

Conservative activist Kyle Rittenhouse cut short a speaking event on Wednesday night at the University of Memphis, after he was drowned out by angry protesters.

That’s a very modest description. For as those actually there filmed and reported:

Chaos breaks out at the University of Memphis after BLM protesters chased down

@TPUSA people who were leaving the Kyle Rittenhouse event. Police had to prevent the hostile crowd from physically attacking them.

TPUSA, or Turning Point USA, is a wholly legal group justified in being able to speak on campus, organize events on campus, and expect to be able to be heard on campus.

Except, apparently, at the University of Memphis. Or if progressives at U Memphis disagree.

As with CBS, this is also a modest description:

Turning Point USA organizers were escorted off of campus by state troopers after being run off by a flood of students.

Film can be seen here. That’s an aggressive and threatening mob, not a mere “running off campus.”

There’s also an allegation that the college administration itself changed the ticketing system to ensure that protestors were able to colonize the lecture theater.

TPUSA said that “despite being promised control of 50 seats,” the organizers were restricted to only a single row of eight seats.

Kolvet said the organization “gathered credible information” that school administrators leaked the new ticketing information to protesters in order to fill up seats to stage a walk-out.

The results of that can be seen here.

Screaming University of Memphis students walk out a minute into Kyle Rittenhouse’s speech.

Yes, we are on it. More as it comes in, obviously.

An innocent man is invited by a student group to come speak on campus. This becomes impossible because of a screaming mob. So bad that state troopers are required to make sure everyone can clear the campus safely.


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