North Carolina student suspended for using accurate vocabulary

April 18, 2024

By Tim Worstall

That woke can go to far is obvious. But to prove the progressives have gone too far already:

A 16-year-old student at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina, was suspended for three days last week after using the term ‘illegal alien’ during a vocabulary assignment in his English class.

Leah McGhee’s son has a teacher who assigned vocabulary words during class last Tuesday, including the word ‘alien.’ McGhee says her son made an effort to understand the assignment and responded to his teacher, asking, “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”

Apparently, using the legally correct word in the correct manner is not the right way to deal with a vocabulary assignment these days. To be properly woke and progressive, one must use some other word or phrase than that in the actual laws that govern exactly this.

Sadly, this is not some isolated instance of a school district being infested with said woke. Progressive members of Congress suffer from much the same problem. There are few more progressive than Maxwell Frost, after all:

That’s just the word used in the law. The Immigration and Nationality Act. Those without citizenship are aliens, that’s just the word that’s used. Has been for the 75 years or so – at least – since the act was passed. It’s also the definition – an alien is someone without US citizenship, just what it means.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on the school district officials then? As is oft said the fish rots from the head down. If freshmen congressmen don’t know the meaning of the word alien even as they’re sitting in a committee discussing the law about aliens, possibly we should give those lower down the system some space to be wrong?

Or, of course, the heck with that being nice to people and into the dustbin of history with the whole woke idea? Your choice, obviously.


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