Workplace antisemitism takes a hit as tech giant finally takes action

April 23, 2024

By Tim Worstall

Google has just fired more of its protesting employees. As we’ve said before, this is part of the worm turning, of that head of steam having built up in society.

This is something that happens when we all become aware of what has been going on – many things happen in the dark. It’s when these things – like antisemitism – are out in the open that we all consider and then reject them.

The specific here:

Google has fired another 20+ employees since the internal protest over the company’s Israeli defense contract, organizers say.

The firings included “non-participating bystanders,” according to Jane Chung, a spokesperson for No Tech for Apartheid. Google initially fired 28 employees after last week’s protest against Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion defense contract. The sit-in lasted for eight hours before nine employees were arrested.

Six months back, these people wouldn’t have been fired. Now, protesting within Google against a contract with Israel is grounds for termination.

There’s a parallel here with what has been happening in schools. The teaching of Critical Race Theory has been going on for years – along with varied other pieces of progressive wokeness. It was when lockdown happened and home and remote schooling meant that parents really saw, in full and upfront, what their children were being taught that the revulsion and rejection kicked in.

The parallel is that antisemitism – the claim that Israel is uniquely evil for example – has been common on campus and in woke corporations for a long time. It’s a standard part of a certain progressive package, Palestinians good, Israel wrong – and then then bleeds over into direct antisemitism.

So, what changed? The reactions on campus to the Hamas attack – the number of students actually supporting the murder of 1200 people – has been that wake up call. What? You mean this isn’t some fringe view held by maniacs? This is how colleges work these days? No, no, we’re not allowing that to continue.

This antisemitism is no longer happening in that dark and quiet. It’s out there in the full disinfectant of sunlight. And it’s being rejected because we the people won’t allow it. Whatever the narrow little society of progressives think we’re not going to put up with it.

This does mean that part of the work is to bring these issues to public attention – the very thing we do. One good guide to the problem being on the way to being solved is that companies like Google no longer think themselves held to ransom by those progressives within them. Now the issue is out in the open it’s possible to do the right thing – get rid of racists and antisemites.

So, it is necessary to bring these things out into the open – so they can and will be dealt with. Strangely, one of the signals of such problems being dealt with is that we hear about them more. Because these vilenesses do not survive in the full glare of public attention.


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